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Being on the coast in Chennai is more than a geography thing, it’s a way of life. When looking out the window and far out to sea, we see a world of possibilities. 


Bluberyl was born out of frustration from uncomfortable poorly engineered clothings out there. We intend to innovate and reinstate the comfort that was lost among the world of fast fashion. 

This has allowed us to design and manufacture the next generation of clothing that brings not just comfort but an additional essence of luxury to your everyday routine. 

At Bluberyl, we lift women up through iconic style and exceptional fit. We believe that beauty is defined by strength, not size. That’s why we designed our all-new, game-changing polyester-free saree shapewear that makes you feel not only comfortable in your own skin, but also deeply beautiful.

Comfort inside out it’s not just a tagline. It’s our commitment, and you’re the inspiration behind it. Every detail is thoughtfully chosen to help women like you celebrate and embrace you. When you wear Bluberyl, you feel supported, strong and free to be you.