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Birla Spunshades™ is branded coloured fibre from Birla Cellulose. These fibres consume minimal energy, water and power during manufacturing and champion a green environment. Birla Spunshades fibres with unique Colour-Lock technology make fabric fade-resistant and ensure best-in-class colour consistency.


There’s only one forever and let’s make it better
As part of our commitment to sourcing sustainable core materials across our entire product range, we don’t want comfort to come at the cost of social and environmental well-being. At Bluberyl, we want to reduce our impact, respect our resources, and regenerate our materials. we’re not waiting for solutions, we’re creating them.

40% Reduction in effluent discharge.
20% Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
40% Reduction in water consumption.
55% Reduction in power consumption.
55% Reduction in steam consumption.


1.Natural Renewable Source
2.Responsibly Produced
4.High on Comfort